Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CashPazz ?

CashPazz™ KwikKwik is a yearly quick cash investment program, founded in 2011 by Abdallah Malik Yasir, Thomas Edinburgh, Keith Morgan as a group of small-to-medium enterprise crude investors in the United States. Our goal is to establish profitable and secured primary funding source to aid investors and entrepreneurs to gain through our quick cash investments and loans.

Who is eligible to join CashPazz ?

To be an investor on CashPazz, you must be 18 years and above (18+)

Note: And must be able to read terms of use during registration and making sure that the money used is in your possession and not belonging to others.

What is the difference between the two Membership ?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CashPazz Member.

Through membership, you will be part of a diverse global community through which you will be able to invest and gain quick returns in days, access funds for your businesses, create new relationships and access to industry information, tools, and resources. CashPazz presently offer following membership:


Cash-Givers on CashPazz make more money by investing their cash within short stipulated days through a certified business individuals on CashPazz. Give it a try! Invest today and get 60% - 100% of your invested fund within 7 - 20 days; depending on your investment plan.


New rules and terms has emerged to safeguard Cash-Givers invested money, sotherefore you are adviced to read through Cash-Users Terms-of-Use before registering. Cash-Users are given access to Cash-Givers investment funds on CashPazz. As a Cash-User you must be an entrepreneur owning a registered business situated in your locality. Cash-Users from Ghana and Nigeria are required to provide Certificate of incorporation, passport photograph and tax clearance during registration, becuase Cash-Users are giving priviledge to gain access to Cash-Givers loan without a collateral.

How do CashPazz peer members ?

CashPazz is not a complete peer-to-peer system.

CashPazz system automatically assign Cash-Givers to pay investment amount to an authorized Cash-User who is expected to trade with the money and return Cash-Givers' invested cash within stipulated date. Although this process is a peering metrix but it's more secure and assured returns earlier than expected.

CashPazz refund Cash-Users initial deposits and after we receive confirmation of ROI payment to assigned Cash-Givers.

Note: Although you'll be assigned to pay an entrepreneur in your locality to complete your investment process. In this case CashPazz is responsible for your investment protection and ready to refund you whenever you are due for returns or whenever you request for a refund.This is possible via your membership dashboard after login.

Is CashPazz a Ponzi Scheme or a Pyramid Scheme ?

CashPazz is not a scam or fraudulent scheme of any nature, either Ponzi, Pyramid or Cryptocurrency schemes.

Note: CashPazz is now a fully registered online investment entity in all its participated countries.

How long does it take to receive returns ?

It's actually 7 - 20 days depending on the plan you invested on.

Note: Please check days assigned to a plan before investing on it.

How do I receive my payment?

Returns are paid into your provided bank account within stipulated days.

How many direct referrals do I need to have?

Once again, This is base on choice, previously we do not a operate any referrer system wallet. But now we do and also pay between $12 - $55 USD per referrer. to participate you need to register and invest through your assigned dashboard to facilitate referrer opportunity.

Is CashPazz a registered Financial Institution or Company ?

Yes! CashPazz is a registered company.

CashPazz is a registered Company, Established in 2011, As an SME financial Solution company with registration route: RN87366320US. 9053 AR-107, SHERWOOD, AR 72120 US.

As a result of fraud complaints and illegal bank deductions in both Nigeria and Ghana, we are compelled to register as a certified online financial entity by ICC, EFCC and ICPC, to connect and manage financial aspect of this investment without third party interests.

Is there Investment refund and how do i request ?

Yes, there is a refund system.

Money Back is guaranteed, It is possible only for registered members.

Note: To request a "Money Back" means cancellation, CashPazz will source and fund the space your account occupied within 24 hours with an emergency fund. your investment will be canceled immediately after refund and it attracts 5% - 10% off the initial investment amount, this depends on the plan you opt in.

What is CashPazz Unique-ID and What can i do with it ?

CashPazz Unique Identification Code is no more valid. As a result of dubious activities by users, all transaction and investment is via users secured dashboard after login.

Can I open multiple account?


Note: But we advice our members to register one account and reinvest on one bigger investment plan with their Unique account rather than spreading investments with multiple accounts.

What currency can i invest with ?

Members can only invest with their home country's currency.

Note: We strongly recommend members to transfer fund within their country with available currency, to maintain balance throughout the investment process.

Is there any setup fee ?

No, CashPazz don't charge for services.

Note: But in case of "Money Back Request" 5-10% off the initial investment is deducted before refund.

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